Who? Where?

Who? Where?

Who? Where?

Embroidered veil and carved side-walk pieces

Bogota, Colombia 2018


Exhibited at

FLORA open studios 2018

The Kat is Killing The Bird, but I still Like Him, La Casita, Bogotá, 2018

An oversized white veil curtain contains the phrase “You Don’t Know Who I Am” embroidered in white thread. In front of it, several fragments of sidewalks found in the street, compose the phrase “Neither do I”.

Exploring various modes of territorial demarcation and combining materials that allude to public and private space, both phrases form a dialogue with voices that respond to each other, from the outside in and vice versa. The work seeks to reflect on the relationship between territory and identity, alluding to the fact that power in Colombia has been sustained by a reiterative denial of a shared local identity, which has led us to a profound ignorance of who we are and where we live.

The installation alludes to the classist phrase ‘You don’t know who I am’ to question the identities that arise from the exogenous, from a social imposition in the face of a structurally disempowered otherness. These dynamics hinder a relationship and (self-)knowledge of what is closest to us, so the ground, what sustains us, responds, ‘neither do I’.

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