Landscapes of Diversity through Collage

Landscapes of Diversity through Collage

Daniela Medina Poch

Girasoles, Sonnenblumen Kita
Berlin, Germany 2018

From the exploration of cross-cultural diversity, the workshop ‘Landscapes of Diversity through Collage’ seeks to contribute to the understanding of the value of diversity in all contexts we inhabit. As a first step, the particularities and unique elements of various iconic cultures are presented. Then an emphasis is placed on the interdependence between them and the relevance that they all have in its own and within their relationships.

Children develop a collective collage that gathers the imaginaria of all of them. Through a dynamic of rotation, they relate to the design someone else did and add new layers to it. The result is a collage that covers the whole wall and says ‘Wir sind Alle wichting’ ‘Gemainsam sind wir starker’ and ‘Wir sind Alle einzigartig’


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