Opening of Viceversa at Museo de Arte Moderno Bogotá

19.10.23-18.02.23  Viceversa is the culminating exhibition of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá – MAMBO and will be dedicated to the Museum’s collection. This exhibition is the result of an in-depth analysis and contemporary revision of the Museum’s Collection. In this sense, Viceversa suggests alternative interpretations that challenge conventional visual narratives by adopting a “reverse” approach while proposing unusual connections, visual and conceptual counterpoints.

Curated by Eugenio Viola

ARDE projected in Centro de Memoria Histórica Bogotá

12 October, 2023. My video-performance ARDE Homage to reparation processes was projected in the facade of the Centro de Memoria Histórica, Bogotá in the frame of the festival AVD Indiferido

To Unknow That Green is Green - Catalogue

To Unknow That Green is Green – My most recent catalogue.

Curatorial text: Sonia Fernández Pan

Design: Juan Pablo García Sossa

Supported by: Goldrausch Fellowship

Staying with the Wonder Podcast - Institut Kunst

‘Staying with the Wonder’ podcast is out- The Tale and The Tongue Podcast series, Hgk Basel Institut Kunst. Interviewed by Sonia Fernández Pan

performance ARDE: Homage to reparation processes

Durational performance ARDE: Homage to reparation processes

Ausstellungsort: galerie weisser elefant  Auguststraße 21, 10117 Berlin

Datum: 29.09 18h


Goldrausch group show

Eröffnung: Freitag, 29.09.2023, 18.00-22:00 Uhr

Laufzeit: 30.09.-26.11.2023

Ausstellungsort: galerie weisser elefant  Auguststraße 21, 10117 Berlin

Öffnungszeiten: Di – So 11-19 Uhr

Teilnehmende Künstlerinnen:

Anja Dornieden (OJOBOCA)
Viviana Druga
Ximena Ferrer Pizarro
Janne Höltermann
Tiziana Krüger
Daniela Medina Poch
Lillian Morrissey
Shira Orion
Amelie Plümpe (HAUCK PLUEMPE)
Wagehe Raufi
Marie Rief
Hara Shin
Bea Targosz
Emma Wilson
Silja Yvette

Recipient of the Rhizome NY Microgrant

Announcing the 2023 Microgrant Awardees!

14 browser-based projects and 5 articles have been selected by rhizome staff to receieve a microgrant.

Institute for Art in Context CCA Berlin, Centre for Contemporary Arts

Tributaries, The Line London

Intersecting Mediterranean is part of the group show Tributaries, The Line London

On view from July 15 – October 8, 2023

Contributing artists include Martha Atienza, Ursula Biemann, Hanna Ljungh, Daniela Medina Poch and Elizabeth Gallón Droste, and Alberta Whittle.⁠

Aqualiteracies: Spree Publik

Polyphonic Version presented within the second version of Spree Publik


Ecotopias: Narratives for Uncertain Futures

Participatory lecture

10 past 12 Festival Theater Freiburg

MA Thesis presentation Kunst im Kontext, Universität der Künste Berlin

FHXB Museum + Denkmal Werkstatt: Pässe als Brücke, Pässe als Mauern. Von der Oberbaumbrücke zur aktuellen Migrationspolitik und grenzüberschreitenden Solidairtät

Ein Workshop von Daniela Medina Poch mit Schüler*innen der Hausburgschule 19-21.06.23

Review on The Wire 471 May 2023

Review of text by Robert Barry around The Land of Thunder and Lightning published in the Listening Biennial Reader Vol. 1

Workshop~drift: To un-know that green is green within Swamps and Stars, Planetary Listening

On Wetlands and Emergent Life ✨ Day 1 / Tag 1

Friday May 12th, 2-5pm, Tiefwerder Wiesen, Berlin
***ENG in slides***

To un-know that green is green
Ein Wander~Workshop rund um verkörpertes Zuhören und zwischenmenschliche Verstrickungen im Gespräch mit den Berliner Tiefwerder Wiesen.
mit Daniela Medina Poch @danielamedinapoch

Welche inneren und äußeren Welten können aus Nicht- oder Ent-Wissen entstehen? Kann ein Ent-Wissen ein breiteres Zuhören und eine durchlässigere Einstellung zu unserer Umwelt ermöglichen? Auf welche Weise kann die Akzeptanz des Unwissens dazu beitragen, hegemoniale Wissenssysteme zu de-kanonisieren?

UNIDEE Residency Modules: NEITHER ON LAND NOR AT SEA - Spring & Summer 2023

Neither on Land not at Sea. Meeting by the Mediterranean Im/Possible, curated by UNIDEE Visiting Curator Chiara Cartuccia.
  Magdalena Zotou (AL/EL); Evagoria Dapola (CY); Ariana Kalliga (EL); SITAAD (IT/UK); Mireia Molina Costa (ES); Gema Darbo (ES); Daniela Medina Poch (CO/DE); Anna Gorchakovskaya (RU/IT); Viktoria Khokhlova (RU); Yasamin Ghalehnoie (IR/UK); Pietro Lo Casto (IT/ TH); Annie Albagli (USA); Tawfik Naas (LY/UK); Calvin Walds (USA); Blqees Zuhair (LY); Giulia Colletti (IT); Valentina Mandalari (IT); Nour Bishouty (LB/CA); Kumjana Novakova (NMK); Adrian Schindler (ES/FR); Sarri Elfaitouri (LY); TRANSIT GROUP (JO); Gal Amiram (USA); Zilan Imsik (TR/UK); Youssef El Idrissi (MA).

What do Snails Think About Nuclear Power Plants?

Interview to Citizens of Tivissa
A*Desk Critical Thinking Magazine

April, 2023 Barcelona

Text on Aqualiteracies published in

En acualiteracias Daniela Medina Poch interpreta las aguas desde los siguientes lentes:

~ Las aguas como portadoras de datos físicos y químicos en constante intercambio con diversos entornos.
~ La relación entre los cuerpos de agua y las aguas de los cuerpos humanos y más que humanos.
~ Las aguas como archivo vivo que contienen memorias en temporalidades entrelazadas.
~ Las aguas como superficies de proyecciones y sistemas de creencias.
~ Las respuestas situadas y estrategias para cuidar y administrar las aguas.

entangled seas and mediterranean interconnections

An invitation to exchange knowledge, approaches and experiences within the mediterranean sea with La Escocesa, Barcelona.

February, 2023 Barcelona

Goldrausch artists 2023

Congratulations to the Goldrausch artists 2023! We are looking forward to working together with these 15 artists this year. Please welcome:

Anja Dornieden
Viviana Druga
Ximena Ferrer Pizarro
Janne Höltermann
Tiziana Krüger
Daniela Medina Poch
Lillian Morrissey
Shira Orion
Amelie Plümpe
Wagehe Raufi
Marie Rief
Hara Shin
Bea Targosz
Emma Wilson
Silja Yvette


The Listening Biennial Reader – Vol. 1: Waves of Listening

Published today ! The Listening Biennial Reader – Vol. 1: Waves of Listening –!

Edited by Brandon LaBelle.

Contributions by Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Lucia Farinati, Brandon LaBelle, Kate Lacey, Israel Martínez, Sara Mikolai, Alecia Neo & Jill T. Tan, Daniela Medina Poch, Luísa Santos, Yang Yeung.

published in January 2023

English edition

17 x 24 cm (softcover)

184 pages (ill.)

Order yours in

Acualiteracias: senti~pensando con las aguas. La Escuela

Acualiteracias: senti~pensando con las aguas, con Daniela Medina Poch (@danielamedinapoch) y Elizabeth Gallón Droste (@elizabethgallondroste).

Reconociendo el agua como archivo vivo de conocimientos situados, el LABORATORIO busca generar el Archivo Fluido de Acualiteracias, un marco de percepciones y aproximaciones que reunirá las experiencias sensibles y especulativas de diversos cuerpxs, múltiples formas de habitar y comunicar con las aguas.

5 sesiones. Desde el 29 de noviembre hasta el 13 de diciembre de 2022. Martes y jueves, 4:00 PM (GMT -4). Vía Zoom

Postulaciones abiertas


‘Making Invisible histories Collectively Visible: An Anti-Monument Workshop for Children and Parents’

‘Making Invisible histories Collectively Visible: An Anti-Monument Workshop for Children and Parents’ is a sensitive yet playful workshop, especially for children aged 7 and older, in which we will critically approach the German colonial past and reflect on our roles and possibilities for collective transformation in what is understood as history and historiography. We will think about and make anti-monuments, which will then be exhibited in the @fhxb_museum

This workshop was conceived in collaboration with the best workshop partner @pablosantacana , with contributions from the fantastic @vitjiart and @jo.splx and with the support of Förderung Kulturelle Projekte.

Notes on documenta fifteen

goodbye Kassel, muchas gracias ruangrupa and all collectives for the welcoming moments and for everything I learned during the Lumbung I season.

Lesen Am See

Hosted by the cute teams of @covenberlin , @neuenachbarschaft_moabit and Moabit Mountain College
with: @shuffling_in_the_dark , COVEN BERLIN, Inky Lee, @danielamedinapoch , and @mxsingh
Lesen am See is a part of the two-year collaborative project Artistic Ecologies: New Compasses, Tools and Alliances conceived in collaboration with @rijksakademie and @whwakademija.


Cuerpa colectiva presentada dentro del marco de la XXII Bienal Internacional de Arte de Cerveira

de la serie Cuerpa colectiva presentada dentro del marco de la XXII Bienal Internacional de Arte de Cerveira

Muito obrigada with @mafaldatsantos and with the team of the @bienaldecerveira


‘Intersecting Mediterraneans: A Sonic Submergence’ EXN NUNC

•• Now live in EXN Lagoon••

‘Intersecting Mediterraneans’ is a long-term collaborative project by @danielamedinapoch and @elizabethgallondroste , which elaborates on the pluralisation and complication of geographical imagination of singular Mediterranean, through the orchestration of encounters with Mediterranean regional rivers. The project follows the flowing of calm, furious or disappearing/ed waters, able to carry the sea uphill and inland, while moving across longings and exhaustions of the Mediterranean(s).

The new digital configuration of the ‘Intersecting Mediterraneans’ project commissioned by @exnunc_ , ‘Intersecting Mediterraneans: A Sonic Submergence’, invites visitors to dive into an apparently chaotic sonic landscape, which weaves together fragments of shattered cumulative repertoires of memories, affects and knowledges, of both waters and lands.

EXN Lagoon is curated by @chiaracartuccia

EX NUNC is supported by fundings from @aceagrams

“Imagine the ocean / dry as lavender. Imagine branches / ceasing to be perches / for the birds”. TBA21–Academy

Opening today 🌾➿
#Repost @tba21academy with @use.repost
📢 “Imagine the ocean / dry as lavender”, the online exhibition after OCEAN / UNI opens tomorrow!

Guided by the verses of Andrée Chedid and arising from the research of OCEAN / UNI’s last semester delving into the Mediteranean(s), the online exhibition is curated by Barbara Casavecchia together with former Ocean Fellows Pietro Consolandi, Abiba Coulibaly, Justine Daquin and Zoé Le Voyer (Calypso 36°21).

In the upcoming weeks, you will be able to see screenings by Nacer Khemir; Raphaël Grisey, Kàddu Yaraax & Bouba Touré; Jumana Manna; and Nadim Choufi, and dive into online content by Cecile Hummel; Abdellah Hassak; Daniela Medina Poch & Elizabeth Gallon Droste; Abdessamad El Montassir; and Katrin Ströbel & Mohammed Laouli. With their works, they contribute to a poetic and poignant expansion of the initial reflections of OCEAN / UNI’s semester and ask us to imagine many different presents and possible futures.

The Wave

nauguración! opening today ノ゛~ノ゛~ノ゛

The Wave @collecteurs new exhibition curated by @carolina_martinez_s and @angelsmiralda

Very happy to contribute to the conversation with Intersecting Mediterraneans, a collaboration with @elizabethgallondroste in dialogue with exciting artworks and discursive frameworks. (sound on)

‘The Wave is an event like the ones we have recently passed under that seem to return with increasing frequency and force. Waves ride the tipping oceans whose tides sway from side to side with each lunar undulation. This exhibition was structured as such, passing the baton between curators from the South to the North and back again.

In Intersecting Mediterranean(s), Elizabeth Gallón Droste and Daniela Medina Poch Droste use long textiles submerged in waters that have been positioned by the eurocentric gaze as the focal point of a cultural identity that needs to restore its heterogeneity. The displacement of singularity for plurality evokes a multiplicity of identities and imaginaries, just like the many fresh and salty waters that feed into the Mediterranean.’

‘which fictions shape facts’ was conceived as a dialogue with @contextual_research contribution to Antichristos – Counter conspiracies, issue #19 of @arts_of_the_working_class


Liveness recorridos excéntricos del arte de acción en en el MAMBO

este jueves inauguramos la colectiva ‘Liveness recorridos excéntricos del arte de acción’ en en el MAMBO museo de arte moderno de Bogotá @mambogota en donde exhibiré mi escultura-performance Reset quimérico, pieza que desde ahora hace parte de la colección permanente del museo. 💫 Ha sido interesante asumir el reto de la permanencia de lo efímero, la pieza como un diálogo con el paso del tiempo y el performance como una relación viva entre lo humano y más que humano.

Curaduría de Eugenio Viola @eugenioviola_official


If You Listen to the Nettles, They Won't Sting You ~ The Listening Biennial, July 2021

If You Listen to the Nettles, They Won’t Sting You
Lecture performance presented in the nettle garden right where it was conceived
in the framework of The Listening Biennial, July 2021

Thank you Brandon LaBelle and budha.chatto for the invitation and the framework to broaden our understandings of listening,

Aqualiteracies: Understanding and Sensing Water a a Hybrid Data Carrier

Aqualiteracies is inspired by the always inspiring ‘Corpoliteracies’ concept by Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung. Through this text I start thinking about approaches and situations in which water can be understood and sensed as a hybrid data carrier. Here some excerpts, complete text in bio.
thank you @covenberlin for inviting me to write about this topic


Thursdays–Sundays 14:00–19:00
Until 28.11.2021

Curated by @iambintadiaw & @ceciliabien under the artistic direction of @elenaagudio.
The @marebox_eu project is composed of four European partners: SAVVY Contemporary in Berlin (Germany), @3d_research in Calabria (Italy), @atlantis_consulting in Thessaloniki (Greece) and University of Oslo – Department of Media and Communication (Norway). Co-funded by Creative Europe Programme of the European Commission (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency)

Bridge, Berliner Poetry Series #7 Hopscotch Reading Room 

cozy evening reciting poems and texts while launching Bridge, Berliner Poetry Series #7 @hopscotchreadingroom


If You Were The Leaf of a Tree

gathering with friends to play and learn about sound and field receptivities at the very poetic ‘campus’ of @floatinguniversity fills my heart with joy

field receptivity + if you were the leaf of a tree joint workshops by Fred Becker and me for ‘practices to make summer longer’ @contextualresearch residency at @floatinguniversity

Which communities and landscapes sustain our current lifestyles?

”Das Zentrum von Gestern, die Splitter von Heute”

Monumental Shadows collaboration with Various and Gould and SAVVY Contemporary. Nationaldenkmal Otto von Bismarck, Tiergarten.

August, 2021. Berlin, DE.

”If You Listen to Nettles They Won’t Sting You” Lecture performance at the Listening Biennial, Errant Sound.

I feel honored and excited to participate in The Listening Biennial with my investigation around untamed listening practices 〰️💥and along some very talented people.

#listeningbiennale #brandonlabelle #investigativelistening #untamedlistening #danielamedinapoch

July, 2021. Berlin, DE

Radical Sounds Latin America

Collective Body, Art at a Time Like This

An Ubuntu principle says, “I am because we are”. Formed from the gathering of particles from diverse bodies, then disseminated through other bodies, dust is reminiscent of interdependence and plurality.
From the dust that travels through the Sahara desert taking nutrients from Lake Chad and fertilizing the soils of the Amazon, to the viral particles that have surrounded the planet, calling into question our current lifestyles, the interdependence between the human and the non-human is a fundamental and urgent principle. Interdependence defies national and social boundaries and reminds us that, like dust, we are tiny particles of a collective body.

New Patters over old Patrones, towards a translation of the New Patrons Protocol in Latin America

The New Patrons Protocol believes in imagination as a tool of socio-political transformation. Through the reinsertion of art in society, it pursues a redistribution of power. Under this idea, around 400 projects have been developed, most of which have taken place in Europe. How can this Protocol be adapted to and nourished by the specificities of the Latin American context?

Link en bio —>

Escribí este texto para examinar algunas de las potenciales traducciones del protocolo @neueauftraggeber / @nouveaux_commanditaires en el contexto (plural) de América Latina.

Me emociona pensar en activar un capitulo regional de esta metodología desde las especificidades locales.

Imagen de @paulocesaracosta

Gracias a @contemporaryand.americalatina

Danke an @neueauftraggeber Auftraggeber

Thank you @dali.s and @_interflugs_ for inviting me to moderate this conversation.
I am thrilled to exchange ideas with Dalís Pacheco, the @klasse.klima UdK (Arianna Cecchetto and @nicolaidavidherzog) and @cooperclimate (Alisa Petrosova and @sanjanaxlahiri) about the spells, myths, narratives and discourses behind our current crisis and more.

Join us tomorrow Wednesday 9th December 18h (Berlin) 12h (New York) to an informal conversation about some of these issues.


From Oceans and Rivers to Blood Vessels and Streams - A poem about Environmental Intersectionality


A land that was once thought of as having infinite resources, one of the nations with the greatest welfare in South America, is now perceived as finite. In a span of 10 years, Venezuela changed its currency and banknotes three times. With a hyperinflation of 12,000%, money stopped being money. After migrating all over the Americas looking for opportunities and survival, Venezuela became the third largest population asking for
OPEN Thursday–Sunday 14:00–19:00

In exactly a month from Today, within an exciting line-up, I will be performing The Land of Thunder Lights, a lecture for the Radical Sounds Latin America Festival. Through Soundscapes and concepts, I will be weaving several narratives about Resources – Sources, euphonies and cacophonies in between Colombia and Germany.
3rd October at Radial System Berlin

Video “Effervescence and Delusion towards Digital Culture”

Very happy to be showing the video work Effervescence and Deflation of Media Culture from 1988 VideoFest to 2020 #Transmediale within the The C& Center of Unfinished Business installation at the #HKW this week.
It is an intuitive analysis of the #affectivenarratives associated to media culture through these last 30 years, from hyper idealistic narratives to the black mirror of data – and all the grey points in between.
Thanks to Yvette Mutumba and Julia Grosse #contemporaryand for such a well thought collaborative framework and to @puntojpgs Juan Pablo García Sossa for collaborating with me in this exploration.

JANUARY 31, 2020 Berlin