Daniela Medina Poch (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher from Bogotá based in Berlin. Medina Poch investigates how unofficial histories and interspecies entanglements contribute to the conception of ecocentric narratives, epistemic bridges that amplify non-hegemonic knowledge systems. Through an expanded listening to what and whom has been systematically excluded, her practice questions the supposed universality and impartiality of certain ecological discourses, and aims to alter some of the hierarchies sedimented in them by proposing alternative knowledge flows. Medina Poch’s work includes empirical, performative, and academic research, leading to sometimes long-term research threads and other times simple gestures. She works site-specifically and relationally with language subversion, performative interventions into public space and semiotics. Medina Poch also writes texts regularly for journals and newspapers and conducts workshops. Her interests lies in processes that emerge from – and in turn, exceed – artistic approaches.  



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