Daniela Medina Poch (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher from Bogotá based in Berlin. Medina Poch investigates how unofficial histories and interspecies entanglements contribute to the conception of ecocentric narratives, epistemic bridges that amplify non-hegemonic knowledge systems. She works with the political potential of language and language subversion, and sensitive wonderings that are woven into sculpture / installation-performances, lecture-performances and symbiotic listening spaces, artistic pedagogies and collective platforms. She has co-initiated the platforms Embodied Climate Agency, Contextual Research and Babel Media Art.



Staying with the Wonder –  geolistening shelter –  Becoming Anti-Monuments –  What do Snails Think About Nuclear Power Plants? –  ARDE –  Fictions / Facts –  Environmental Matrix –  If You Listen to Nettles, They Won’t Sting You –  Das Zentrum von Gestern –  Intersecting Mediterranean(s) –  Cuerpo Colectivo –  The Land of Thunder and Lightning  –  Aqualiteracies –  Reset (Quimérico) –  Babel Media Art –  ERROR 14-92 –  Who? Where? –  Ciudad Anfibia –  Beyond the Döner –  How high? –  1m² Parque la Independencia –  Papel Soberano –  Unitedstater –  A Picture with a Latina –  Public Complaint Office –  Wiping Out My National Identity

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