Reset (Quimérico)

Reset (Chimeric)

Video and sculptures

11 seconds and variable measurements between 30cm x 45cm

Bogotá, 2019



Reset is a degree zero in which destruction evokes potential construction. It is, at the same time, a survival mechanism and the possibility that remains viable when the previous ones are exhausted. The concept of reset is as tangible in operating systems as intangible and unreal in History, since History is characterized by the interaction of time layers within one another. When reviewing the 200-year history of Colombia and finding that more than half of it involved war, I fantasize with the idea of starting over.

The management of land in Colombia has been a cross-cutting issue related to the 50-year-Armed-Conflict and the violence that has invaded the country since its foundations. These stretches from the large portions of stolen land from indigenous and peasant communities and continues with the corruption in the management of vacant lots. According to some sources, 70% of the territory belongs to the 1% of the population, a figure that still makes Colombia one of the countries with the worst land distribution in Latin America. Added to this is the fact that there is no certainty as to who owns the land because the cadastre is outdated and the authorities are not interested in updating it. In the sculpture performance Reset I propose three proposals for territorial redistribution based on the random contact between mud, gravity and ground.

Exhibited at: Herencia futura —> The New Normal Exhibition of the Instituto Habanero

Part of the digital collection of the Museum of Historical Memory of Colombia

and the permanent collection of Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá

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