geolistening shelter

geolistening shelter

geolistening shelter


Barkcloth, nettle, yute, soil and interviews

2.5 x 3 x 2.8 m

Daniela Medina Poch

Berlin, 2023

Geolistening shelter is made out of barkcloth, yute, nettle fabric and soil which carefully holds testimonies of volcanoes, floods, droughts, deforestation, typhoons from Buenaventura, Guaviare and Santander, (Colombia), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Pampanga, (The Philippines), Taipei (Taiwan), La Palma, (Spain) and Germany.

This is one of the iterations of Embodied Climate Agency, a hybrid platform that aims to decentralize and de-canonize climate-related knowledge through first person accounts, situated and embodied expertises. Geolistening shelter defends that those in the climatic front line should be as well in the discursive front line.

Find the interviews here.

Gratitute towards the people interviewed: Abdulmazhitova Aisuluu and Abdulmazhitova Aziz, Elena Agudio, Esther Aragón, Esteiman Dario, José Eduardo Sánchez Díaz, Toribio Miguel Expositó, Paula García,  Felipe Medina,  Khristen Quiambao, Juliana Andrea Albarracin Silva, Erwin Torio and Mara-Michelle Wagner.
Exhibited at CCA Center for Contemporary Arts Berlin, 2023.

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Metaprotesting Metaprotesting

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