Beyond the Döner

Beyond the Döner


Photo Performance and Printed Tablecloth 100 x 70 cm

Collaboration with Juan Pablo García Sossa

Berlin, 2018

Exhibited at
Beyond the Dönner CLB Berlin, 2018

FLORA Ars+Natura Open Studios Bogotá, 2018

To what extent are migrants allowed to contribute to the shaping of the nation?

Beyond the Döner is a critical approach to a multicultural surface sustained by a monocultural structure in the German system.

Taking food as an excuse, Beyond the Döner is the result of a collective dinner that took place in Berlin in the summer of 2018, where local migrant friends and acquaintances gathered to critically reflect on the role of migration in shaping and defining the identities of the nation, on superficial and more fundamental levels. Imagining new transnational dishes, during the dinner, we discussed about migration policies and electoral rights across different generations of migrants and mentioned the urgency of redefining the nation under a structurally pluralistic lens, involving in such a process all communities inhabiting the territory.

With the leftover food – which included corn, dates, banana flower, yam, cassava and other strange ingredients – we wrote the word “nation” on the floor of a Berlin forest. Then we waited for the forest and its ecosystem to decompose the term.

The rotting of a homogeneous nation, and as a sequel, a fertile ground for a transnation, or a trans-anti-nation; a changing identity built through the interactions of all the people who inhabit the territory.

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