Staying with the Wonder

Staying with the Wonder

Staying with the wonder, Un-knowing as Method

Symbiotic walking lecture


Berlin, 2023

What inner and outer worlds can emerge from un-knowing? Can un-knowing allow a wider listening and a more porous attunement to our environments? In which ways can the acceptance of not knowing contribute to de-canonizing hegemonic knowledge systems?

‘Staying with the Wonder’ is an experimental symbiotic conference around unknowability as a method of listening and attunement to our environments. Un-knowability as a way to render accountability of often overlooked agencies and interrelations; an experimental approach towards ecocentric epistemologies, embodied listening and interspecies entanglements. 

‘How far should our quests for knowledge reach? A respect for water’s unknowability is instead part of an epistemology that would seek a different relation to water – one in which we were not always bending it to a human will, or instrumentalizing aquatic life in the pursuit of human fantasies.’ –Astrida Neimanis






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