The Land of Thunder and Lightning 

The Land of Thunder and Lightning

Sonic conference, essay, walk

Diverse durations

Berlin, 2020







Which landscapes and communities sustain our current lifestyles? How are Germany and the Wayuu community in Northern South America interdependent? What is the Source of our everyday Resources, and in what ways is acknowledgment of these Sources an essential step in deconstructing the vertical relationship of exploitation between territories and communities?

The Land of Thunder and Lightning is an investigation of coal extraction in northern Colombia and its subsequent transformation into electricity in Germany. The research has materialized in various formats such as a sonic conference, a performance and an academic text.

Fragment of the text:
In the neoliberal world in which we live, the infrastructures and technologies that surround us have been deeply adopted and adapted to our lifestyles, to the point of seeming ubiquitous, in effect, a background noise that we have learned to ignore.

Sonic conference

Exposed in / Published in Radical Sounds Latin America, Radialsystem Berlin, 2020

Border Listening / Escucha Liminal Publication, 2020. Edited by Alejandra Cárdenas

Eigenart Magazine, Berlin 2020


The Listening Biennial Reader – Vol. 1: Waves of Listening. Edited by Brandon LaBelle, 2023

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