Fictions / Facts

Intervention in Façade, buttermilk and ink

25 x 2,5 m

Façade Haus der Statistik

Berlin, 2022


Fictions / Facts is an intervention on the public façade of a former governmental administrative building in the center of Berlin that seeks to challenge hegemonic, universalist and absolutist narratives.

Six of the façade’s windows are used as a blackboard containing a series of prefixes, arranged alphabetically and in juxtaposition to the noun ‘Narratives’. By triggering multiple variants to the word ‘Narratives’, the installation provokes a possible game of conjugation variations that intends to allude to the multiplicity of versions and subjective looks at the same event or chain of events, a malleable set of possibilities. Making visible the range of angles that exist in the interpretation of realities, Fictions / Facts seeks to challenge “the certainty” of a static and singular version.

Fictions / Facts is an intervention specifically designed for the Haus der Statistik building that was realised in resonance with the 19th publication of Arts of the Working Class (Antichrists Counter conspiracies), which was developed in February 2022.

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