Global Warming, Reguetón and Emotional Micropolitics

Daniela Medina Poch

Institute of Endotic Research

2ndo Encuentro Internacional de Objetos y Muros

Comissioned by Clara Bolivar and Lorena Tabares
Berlin, Germany 2019

How can we use the frame of art to expand and diversify the action of protesting?

In the first part we will deal with the relation object-performance-protest. Oranges, toilet paper, a bottle of wine, a candle… from a daily life point of view, any object is subject to symbolize our struggle or what we fight against. In the second phase we examine the case of the Puerto Rican Perreo Combativo, the power of Reggaeton as a catalyzer of protest and of national strike. From this point we build together and perform a Reggaeton song.

Both performance and protest go beyond representation. Both seek to manifest a statement through the presence of the body within a context that becomes transversal to the action and dialogue with the present realities. The workshop seeks to encourage citizen participation in micro-politics by acting creatively to react upon the disagreements or pursue ideals which deal with our context. Everyday objects, songs and subjects will be brought up as ingredients of our collective performance session.

Within the framework of the Second encounter of Objects and Walls Tlaxala 3 and Institute of Endotic Research

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