Statistics on the Table: An Artistic Approach

Haus der Statistik + Institut fur Kunst im Kontext,

Universität der Künste Berlin. Supported by Interflugs

Team:  Daniela Medina-Poch, Frederick Becker, Redwane Jabal,

Min Kyung Kim, Svenja Simone Schulte, Viviane Tabach, Jan Barner,

Pablo Santacana

Haus B, Haus der Statistik, Berlin
April – Juli 2021


How can art practice contribute to diversifying and democratizing the flow and visibility of statistical information? In which ways can statistics become a tool to account for the non-yet-visible and the non-yet-quantifiable? How can we forge cultures of grass-root statistics and how do we represent them? How do statistics contribute to the shaping of a socio-political context?

“Statistics on the Table: An Artistic Approach” is a research laboratory around the production, management and dissemination of statistical data nowadays. CO–RE hosted a program of three phases – input, research and output. During the initial phase, discussion sessions were held with guest experts on data science and statistics: the contextualization of Alexanderplatz (Stefanie Endlich), the project of Haus der Statistik (Dariya Kryshen), Statistics related with Violence as Commodity (Igor Vidor), Embodied Information and Data Humanism (Domestic Data Streamers), Statistical Numbing (Moritz Stefaner), Critical Cartography and Data Visualization (Orangotango).

As a follow-up, participants developed an investigation around statistics, concluded with on-site installations at the façade of Haus B, Haus der Statistik. The exhibition “What counts when we count?” is composed of artists, curators and cultural producers, many either alumni or presently students of the MA Kunst im Kontext at UdK

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