Fine Art Financ€ Lab

Fine Art Financ€ Lab

Laboratorio de Arte y Dinero

Daniela Medina Poch in collaboration with Juan David Galindo

IDARTES – Instituto Distrital de las Artes y Fundación Arteria

Bogotá, Colombia 2018

Which non-hegemonic systems of value can we think of through the framework of contemporary art? As art practitioners, which alternative system can we build to revalue our work without having to commit to the rules of the existing system?

Often the relationship between art and finance represent an oxymoron. Despite the fact that art is a multimillionaire business ($66 Billion dollar industry (2016)) and quite precarious at the same time, the romantic idea of the artist who remains ‘pure’ and out of the economical system seems to remain valid. Art business works under a different logic than other businesses do, and to make art practice sustainable, contemporary artists – producers of a commerciable subjectivity – need to know how to relate to this financial dimension.

This lab comes from the need to reflect, demystify and understand the relationship between arts and finance, while questioning some paradigms the lab aims to host a space to conceive non-hegemonic systems of value and strategies of fnancial subversion. The Fine Art – Finance Lab has been developed by Daniela Medina Poch and Juan David Galindo and it has been presented in three versions: Fine Art – Financ€ Lab Amsterdam – April, 2016 at 4Bid Gallery at OT301, Amsterdam, NL as 5-day workshop which involved local lecturers, performances and an exhibition. Within the program Money Lab3 on December, 2016 at Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam we presented our series of performances together with Igno Notemans. Laboratorio de Arte y Dinero IDARTES – November, 2017, Bogotá, the program was included as a program of the district and together with Fundación Arteria we organized a complex and diverse 15-day workshop that took place at the theater of the Museum of Modern Art and other ephemeral locations in Bogota, Colombia.

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